A flash across the heart of the peak, he suddenly found himself bewildered, how big is the earth? "Blackheart, I think this is the best way to escape. Now we don't know anything about this grand "But I've heard that a hunting farm has been set up." "Well, the last thing I remember is that after you left Qingdu mountain, you became confused." "I've exhausted my last energy, and now I'm asleep again." "The guy who can't help himself, he's obviously shocked by me and hurt his viscera. How dare Although afraid, but see Xia Shihan is so good to himself, if he and Li Hang that bastard framed him When they changed their clothes again, they came to the main hall of the governor's office. The power and breath are absolute great holy bodies, but there is no great holy power attached to th As soon as the hamster's voice fell, a deep roar suddenly rang out between the sky and the earth Cheng Long see her smile, but also can't help a Leng, feel the soul son was her hook, it is too Downton's title of Northern General and star was finally worthy of its name. Some even called ou His body was kicked open by the explosion of the flame, like a bloody ball. "If Jianzong passed on the sword, I would have done better than the second one of my disciples After three years, if they can be assessed as excellent, they can choose officials from the Imperial Feng Yiting said with a smile, "what can I do? I feel very tired. How long have I slept?" As soon as you eject it, Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu raise their eyebrows, slowing down their movements A loud and clear dragon chant accompanied by her third Soul Ring lit up, instantly resounding throug

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