"Liu Ben, as long as you help me out, I will take you as the Lord!" The old man held out his finger and said, "I have only sat in chief five times in my life for decade Hearing this, the dream God slightly stagnated, and then seemed to think of something, saying: "are Zhang Jingyun, don't go too far and ignore yuan JUANJUAN. Cohen flipped through the papers on his hands. As a winner, his face was not arrogant and joyful, bu Their responsibility is only to guard the door, but only two people will enter the door, and the tim Why are you so gentle when you look at him? Because of the large number of people nearby, the obscure mental fluctuation was covered by the crow Due to its special geographical location, the island has a very important strategic position in mili The weak water murmured to himself, the eyes like autumn water became extremely deep. If you can have such a knife skill, you must be a gold medal killer at least, but the problem is, yo In a very short period of time, the enemies who had not been burned got together, chewed down the la Yang Qingshan and Nangong fan are frightened and pale. They don't know what to say for a moment. "Mr. Qi, according to your opinion, you are a warrior in the world of the brave and good at fighting When he reappeared, he was already under the hand of the alliance emissary. It is really a vicious and sinister beast. Snow sees to ask a way: "otherwise you think?" After laughing, Lin Bai said, "I'm a little bit of a new technology, but I haven't sorted it

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