In Altay's cry, Chen Yihan's eyes of course also fell on the place of his fingers. Tang Yu quickly took out the fire relic and pressed the section in a moment. Isn't it painful fo In addition, Qin Lang placed many special sandbags, wooden posts and even iron piles, which he used Where the monkey yelled, he knew that the security personnel outside must be in this way now, as lon A few people here were talking at will, which caused some curious young swordsmen to listen. Lu Ming "Let's see..." grandfather Martin didn't discuss it with me any more. "I think Warcraft shou A terrible sense of killing also can't help but send out from his body, it is obvious that the h The ancients "have calmness in every event" There is only one way to deal with the enemy: kill!!! "Xiaobai, are you ready for everything?" But vaguely, a kind of bloody felling smell, but diffuse from inside. Two people outside came in to salute in a hurry. Mackay nodded slightly. Although they were not high When everyone was relieved, something unexpected happened again, and the words on the flashing stone Then he turned and ran towards his shop, but he did not take a few steps and turned back. He is not good at this point. He always talks too directly. Therefore, he has many enemies. The man said coldly, his face also flashed a trace of Yin Li. "No, I can't afford it. I'll call uncle Shang." They also contracted the whole hospital for treatment. These are big news. These reporters are here

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