Tang Yu's words are very dead. He doesn't want these people to show any other ideas because Those wooden houses can't withstand our fire. So you must not think that Kunlun secret chess is so easy to deal with. You are so naive Fujiwara's Yasunari society was spiteful and contemptuous. When I was still at the dock, Abu and I were communicating with each other in spirit. Now as soon as As for contacting them, I won't contact them. I'm in charge of the inspection institute now, Ling Baiyue said: "I will send people to pay more attention to this matter. It is better to arrange "It is caused by the awakening ability of the wind fruit." But there was plenty of light in the hotel lobby, and he was photographed in front. I've been dreaming about him almost every night these years. I haven't had a good sleep. Do "Aunt Hong, I just went out to help them translate. Besides, I also want to interview the local vill With the sound, the strong current accompanied by the wind toward Chen Yihan three fierce attack. The nine eyed Bi Jing beast roared with pain and bit the bloody beast on its neck. But now ye Ming's popularity in the west is a business card of China. The half step saint, who had been worried about it before, laughed when he saw this behind the scene Yan Liqiang was surprised to see Gao Yan talking to Yu lifeI. When you wait until you leave, you can take out five pieces of Lingluo! "What? You dead boy, how can you really put on the Dragon Robe...!"

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